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Wake up with Australia's best radio news every half hour, and you're never out of touch.Todd has the latest weather forecasts and keeps you informed with views, reviews - all that interspersed through 2NURFM's great easy listening music format.

Join Todd in Canada

Keep watching to see how you can join Todd Sergeant on Jewels of Western Canada and Alaska Cruise with Helloworld Wickham. See the brochure for details.

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Is it your birthday?

Birthday cakeSend us your birthday details, as well as your address, daytime phone number and if you've got an email address, send that too. At the end of the month, you could win Todd's Birthday Box which is always full of great goodies.

Send your details to us by:

E:  birthday@2nurfm.com
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Please make sure you provide your details by 3pm if your birthday falls on the following day, otherwise you'll miss out!

A note from one of our listeners...

Hi Todd,

I gotta say what a joy it is to listen to you on my way to work every morning. They say "Start your morning with Todd".  The three T's ...Tea Toast & Todd - I must say I have the four T's in the morning Tea Toast Todd & Traffic

Keep up the good work.

Lisa Ashman

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